About Us

Welcome to Geeta Dental Company!


At Geeta Dental Company, we are dedicated to providing dental practitioners across India with premium dental products at affordable prices. Our story is rooted in the determination and vision of Dr. Ashok Jain, a dedicated dentist from Pune who faced numerous challenges in sourcing quality dental materials for his practice.


Our Founding Story


Dr. Ashok Jain's journey began with the support and blessings of his parents, the late Hirachand Ji and Kamal Ji, his wife Geeta, and his family. Despite the difficulties in acquiring high-quality dental supplies at reasonable prices, Dr. Jain's unwavering commitment to his profession led him to learn about the best products available and recognize a significant market gap. With the invaluable assistance of his father, the late Hirachand Ji Jain, Dr. Jain started purchasing dental materials at wholesale prices. They shared these products with fellow doctors in Pune and Mumbai at minimal margins, establishing Geeta Trading Company—a trusted name in the dental community for over 35 years.


Today, we are excited to extend our reach through Geeta Dental, an online platform that serves as a one-stop solution for dental equipment and material supplies from top brands around the globe, all at affordable prices.


Our Mission


Our mission is clear: to provide dental practitioners with access to premium dental products at affordable prices, ensuring that every dentist in India can equip their practice with the best tools available.


What We Offer


Geeta Dental Supplies offers a comprehensive range of dental equipment, materials, and products from leading brands worldwide. From high-quality dental instruments to reliable materials and state-of-the-art equipment, we have everything you need to elevate your practice.


Our Target Audience


We serve dental practitioners who seek top-notch dental products without breaking the bank. Our understanding of the unique needs of dentists drives us to deliver exceptional value and service.


Our Values


- Affordability: Making premium dental products accessible to all practitioners.

- Accessibility: Providing a seamless online shopping experience, ensuring quality products are just a click away.

- Transparency: Building lasting trust through honesty and openness in all our dealings.


Why Choose Us?


With 35 years of trust and experience, Geeta Dental stands out as a super stockist in India, offering products directly from top brands. Our extensive industry knowledge and robust network allow us to provide unmatched value to our customers.


Our Location


We are proud to be based in the heart of Pune, at Swargate, where we continue to serve the dental community with dedication and integrity.


Get in Touch


At Geeta Dental Supplies, we are here to support your dental practice with the best products and services. Experience the Geeta Dental difference by reaching out to us today!

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